Useful Links

There was a group of railway men at Mount Maunganui who felt that they wanted to play trains rather than work trains. These men got together and each week contributed some of their income to a fund which was the basis of the Tauranga Model Engineering Club.

Model Engineering Club Websites – Auckland Society of Model Engineers – Christchurch Live Steamers – Canterbury Society of Model Engineers – Hamilton Model Engineers –  Hutt Valley Model Engineering Society – Kapiti Miniature Railway Association – Havelock North Live Steamers – Manukau Live Steamers – Marlborough Associated Modellers Society – Nelson Modellers – Otago Model Engineers Society – Otago Miniature Road and Rail Society – Palmerston North Model Engineering Club – EBOP Society of Model Engineers, Whakatane – South Canterbury Model Engineers Society – Whangarei Model Engineering Club

Model Engineer Supplies & Resources

Incredible mechanical simulations – Outstanding animated clips of mechanical devices. You will waste hours.
– MBM Model Engineering Supplies – Bolten Scale Model Engineering Supplies – Mini Tech Engineering & Model Supplies – Hobby Mechanics – Model Engineering Supplies – Institute of Sheet Metal Engineering – Model Engineer Magazine – Useful international forum for model engineers – Index for Model Engineers Workshop
Model Engineer Index – Model Engineer Magazine Index of Published Articles – Steam Traction World – PM Research Inc Model Engineering supplies and castings
Valve Gear Simulator – Free simulator software to test all valve gear layouts. Download and install
Youtube Turning Videos – Useful instructional videos on lathe techniques
Big Boy – Follow the restoration of UP4014 back to running condition
The Steam Channel – All about steam engines of all sizes